New West Videos – Video Business Cards

You have been directed to this page today because you are an exhibitor at one or more of the upcoming Health and Wellness Expos in Western Canada.  As an exhibitor ourselves, we are the official video partner with The Health & Wellness Expos of Canada. Hi, my name is Sergey and I am the owner and operator at New West Video. We are a Calgary based business and we are helping business owners across Western Canada to be known, be understood and increase their sales through video!


Today, together with The Health and Wellness Expos Management team, we would like to make an exclusive offer to you to create a very powerful business asset.  Business Videos will save you time, make you more money and build a relationship with your existing and potential clients and Expo attendees.

  1. We are offering you to create your business video right at the show floor at our mobile video production studio.
  2. We are going to be at the Expo along with you for all three days. Our booth will be converted to an onsite studio where we plan to make you a star with cameras, light, microphone and a green screen. The green screen will allow the final video to appear like you are at your own booth or at the neutral business background telling the world your business story.
  3. All we need from you is to answer some simple questions:
  • Who are you?
  • What is your company name?
  • Why do you do?
  • How does your product or service benefit a person in regards to enhancing or improving a person’s quality of life?
  1. If you are a keynote speaker, we can also make a video of your presentation. Contact us for details.
    … and of course, everybody needs a Call to Action, so we will record yours as well!

As a result of our collaboration, you will get a ONE to TWO minute video explaining to your customers why they should do business with you!  You will find your video at The Health and Wellness Expo YouTube channel. From there can share the video to your social media channels or emails or website. You will also receive a link to download a physical file to your home computer so you will always have a copy on file to be used for your marketing campaigns.

Why is it unique?
– No advance preparation required – you are already at the show.
– No setup costs and studio rental – all done in one mobile studio.
– You look great and ready for your video because you are already at the show.

By Now You are asking HOW MUCH?

So … last but not least… the Project cost!  To go out and hire a team and a studio to produce a video like this can cost upwards of $2,000 dollars.  This special offer by the New West Video and Health and Wellness Expos of Canada will offer you the opportunity to create your unique business video live at any of our shows in which you are a registered participant for only $499!  By our initial estimate, we only have 33 time slots to work with all of you who find this offer valuable and wish to proceed with producing your video. So hurry and book your spot NOW!

This offer will be open to all participants to register at the show, however the cost may be slightly higher and is dependent on availability of studio space and time.

Interested in Reserving Your Studio Time?

Here is an example of a live shot from 2019 Calgary Wellness