Edmonton Wellness Expo

Canada’s Premiere Wellness Event

September 27 – 29, 2019

Come and celebrate our 2nd Annual Wellness Expo in Edmonton, Ab.

The Health & Wellness Expos of Canada brings together some of the most diverse and interesting groups of companies, organizations and individuals whose career choice is to educate and motivate people to be PROACTIVE in their health as opposed to REACTIVE. This is our first visit to Edmonton and we are excited at the possibilities. Learn about many of the new and even some ancient products and services available to you to help enhance or improve your quality of life naturally.

The Edmonton Wellness Expo will be held at the Shaw Conference Centre in downtown Edmonton and promises to bring you the ultimate Body, Mind Soul Experience. The event will be filled with interactive displays, demonstrations, lots of samples and even seminars … all included in the one ticket.

Check out the details below and make plans to attend.

Event Information
Exhibitor List
Floor Plan
Event Information

Edmonton Wellness Expo 2019

2019 marks the 25th anniversary of Health & Wellness Expos of Canada and we are happy to announce we are returning to Edmonton for the second annual Edmonton Wellness Expo. Check out the seminars, displays and demonstrations at this years event for a great full weekend experience.   See full event details below including tickets and how to get them.

Date: Sept 27 – 29, 2019

Edmonton Convention Centre
Hall “C”
9797 Jasper Ave.
Edmonton, Ab.
T5J 1N9

Expo Times:
Friday, Sept 27 … 5 pm – 9 pm
Saturday, Sept 28 … 10 am – 6 pm
Sunday, Sept 29 … Noon – 5 pm

Special VIP Passes will be available at all participating exhibitors and sponsors.

General Admission tickets available for sale at the door
(Please note, all tickets purchased on site may be subject to agency fee and taxes)

General Admission … $10.00 per day
Seniors / Students … $8.00 per day
Children (14 and under accompanied by a parent) … N/C

Exhibitor List

Updated Exhibitor list will be posted by August 2019

Company Booth # Company Booth #
Sunrider International 001 Kyani 048
Living Light 002 doTERRA 049
Dementia Carekit 003 IQ Massager 052/053
Nerium International 004 AdvoCare International 054
Distributorz Inc. 005 South Side Chiropractic 055
Juuva 006 Rainbow Cleaning Systems 058
Carina Organics 007 Steam & Go Iron 059
Solle Naturals 008 Energy Jewelry 062 / 063
Compassionate Care In The Air Inc. 009 Voxxlife 064
Health Canada 010 Tooth Works Dentistry 065
It Works 011 Popeyes Edmonton 066
911 Personal Alert Systems.Com Inc 013 Pruvit 068
Arbonne International 014 Seacret Direct 069
Share International 015 Lace Up Corp 070
truLOCAL 019 Lozman Canada Inc. 074/075
SeneGence 020 YouInFocusProducts 076
BodyCherish 022 Run For Stuff Inc. 079
CBD Therapeutics 023 SL Discovery Consulting Services 080
PureTrim 027 Total Orthotics 081
CBI Health Group 028 HauteCoton 083
Senses Mindfulness Coaching 030 Soul 2 Sole Massage Therapy & Wellness Studio 084
Vasayo 031 Redfern Enterprises 085
Primerica Financial Services 034 Organika Health Products Inc. 086
Maple Organics 036 Purica Health 089
Alberta College of Massage Therapy 037/038 Westlawn Memorial Gardens 090
Shaklee 039 Valentus 093
HearingLife Canada 040 Sleep Therapeutics 094
M Global 041 Professional Audiology Clinic 095
Young Living Essential Oils 042 Norwex 096
Protelec Checkmate 043 Venofye, Vine Vera Skin Care, Perfectio and Jelosi LED Machines 099
Some Moroccan Inc. 044/045 Healthy Hair Care Products 100
All Day Nutritionals Canada 047 Dynacore Medical & Orthotics 101 / 103
Flaman Fitness 104
Floor Plan

2019 will mark our 25th year serving Canada.
Help us celebrate 25 yrs of leading
The Wellness Movement in Canada.

Keep this page bookmarked to find out what special
features we are planning for you in Edmonton 2019

2019 Seminar Series

PDF version available for Download … CLICK HERE

Stephan Wilmes

Stephan Wilmes

Stephan is a former professional athlete, an alkaline coach and the founder of the Ayurveda Wellness Center Munich, Germany. He is an internationally renowned speaker on re-alkalizing the body and his company, YouInFocus Products is the North-American distributor of Dr. Jentschura’s alkalizing program from Germany.Participants enjoy Stephan’s holistic, enthusiastic and inspirational approach to health and wellness.

“Eat and Live Alkaline to Heal Your Body”


Stephan Wilmes, aka the Alkaline Diet Guy, introduces the basics of our human metabolism. He explains the consequences of a calorie-rich, acidic diet and gives you an overview on toxic and harmful substances. You will enjoy fundamentally improving your health and wellness when you learn how easily you can implement an alkaline lifestyle.

Eating processed foods and being constantly stressed creates acidity and robs your body of mineral deposits. The process of deterioration then starts. Stephan Wilmes, The Alkaline Diet Guy, will tell you how to re balance the alkaline levels in your body through regeneration, purification, and cleansing.

Speaking Times:
Friday, Sept 28 … 7:30 pm
Saturday, Sept 29 … 1:45 pm
Sunday, Sept 30 …2:45 pm

Food Matters
James Colquhoun & Laurentine ten Bosch

We here at Food Matters are committed to helping you help yourself. We believe that your body is worthy of good care and that no one is more suitably qualified to care for it than yourself. Think of us as your nutritional consultants and know that we are here with you on your journey to a healthier life.

Food Matters:
You Are What You Eat..

This is how Laurentine and I came up with Food Matters. If we couldn’t get my father to read about nutrition and natural health, we figured we could probably convince him to watch a film on the subject. We had researched many of the films that existed on the topic. Although many were good and some were excellent, we weren’t convinced that any of these films would win over my father. Let’s face it, the alternative health industry has a bit of a bad reputation. When most people picture a natural therapist, they envision a man or a woman in sweatpants or a dashiki spinning crystals in his or her backyard. They certainly don’t picture a doctor who can help them get better. And Roy was no different. We knew he needed to see natural health in a new light. So we decided to make a film that would restore the image of the wonderful men and women who, through their life-changing work, live up to Hippocrates’s famous saying, “Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food.”

Please enjoy this film presented here in full at the Wellness Expo as our guests. For more details you can go to www.foodmatters.com and gain access to hundreds of videos thru our FMTV channel.

Show Time:
Saturday, Sept 29 … 11:00 am –
(One showing only). All in attendance at end of movie are entered to win a copy of Hungry for Change & Food Mattters)