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Canada’s Premiere Wellness Event

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February 1 – 3 , 2019

Now returning for the 12th year to Saskatoon!

Health and Wellness Expos of Canada has long been referred to as Canada’s Premiere Wellness Event.  For our 25th anniversary in Canada, we are taking out all the stops… Firstly, we are now in the newly renamed WORLD TRADE CENTRE Saskatoon. Same building, new name and lots of upgrades. Can’t wait to see it.

The Wellness Expo has assembled the largest and most diverse group of manufacturers, distributors, retailers and practitioners focusing on all areas of wellness including Mental, Physical, Spiritual, Financial, Nutritional, Environmental, Holistic, Cosmetic, Pet Wellness and now even”healthy Home” products, all under one roof. This is the most fun and information interactive wellness event in all of Canada. Make plans to see all the seminars, try all the services and taste all the samples.

Event Information

Saskatoon Wellness 2019

World Trade Center Saskatoon
Centre Hall “B”
503 Ruth St. Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada S7K 4E4

Date: February 1 – 3, 2019


Friday, February 1 …      5 pm – 9 pm
Saturday, February 2 … 10 am – 6 pm
Sunday, February 3  …   Noon – 5 pm

Ticket Information:
General Admission …  $10.00
Seniors & Students … $8.00
Youths 14 and under FREE with an adult.

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Exhibitor List
Company Booth # Company Booth #
Bamboo For Life 001 Canadian Blood Services 035
Momentum Nursing Services 002 Arbonne International 036
Choice Nutrition Centres Inc. 003 Chris’ Akashic Readings for Every Soul 037
Shaklee 004 Watkins 038
BDO Canada Limited 005 Popeye’s Supplements Saskatoon 039
Enlightened Living Healthcare 006 Quantum Wave Lasers 040
K.M Campbell Financial Services 009 Original Energy Sales/IQ Massager 043/044
Daily Living Personal Care 010 Leather Better 045
Epicure 011 Hillcrest Memorial Gardens 047
Conscious Effects 012 Titanium Exclusive Cookware 048
Evoke Esthetics 013 Original / Dermalactive Cosmetics 049
Avon Canada 014 SpaBerry by VisionWerx 050 / 057
SeneGence 015 Some Moroccan Inc. 058
Norwex 016 Two Hearts Enterprises Inc. 059
VoxxLife 017 Redfern Enterprises 060
Ariix 018 Gemini 061
Kathleen Brown Psychic Medium 019 40 Winks Sleep Shop 064
Natural Good Choices Ventures 020 Ocean Sales Group Ltd. 065
Deep Weighted Comfort 023 NuYugen 066
Seacret 024 Soho Hair Fashion 067
Robinbio 025 Rainbow Systems / Polar Clean 071
Young Living Essential Oils 027 Valentus 072
Raido Massage Therapy 028 Pruvit 076
Total Orthotics 029 MySpray Therapeutic 077
Biomed Recovery and Disposal 030 Protelec Checkmate 078
Melaleuca 031 PureTrim 079
Sk. Assoc.of Optometrists 032 Creme Fresh Skin and Health 082
It’s All Good Health and Wellness 033 doTERRA 083
Edward Jones 034

Special Bonus for every attendee to the Saskatoon Wellness for 2019.
The Chopped leaf will be offering a valuable discount coupon for every attendee through the doors .

Our menu includes chef designed salads and wraps, soups, sandwiches and appetizers. All the dressings and soups are Chopped Leaf recipes that focus on being natural and flavourful! The Chopped Leaf believes that everyone can live their own Chopped Life; a healthy lifestyle in whatever way they choose, combined with high quality nutritious ingredients to keep your body feeling good after you eat.

2019 Saskatoon Presentation Schedule
Dr. Joanne Dawe

Dr. Joanne Dawe, HBSc, ND

Dr. Joanne Dawe, ND is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor who graduated from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in 2009. She has a general family practice with a special interest in preventative medicine, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and pre-natal health. Dr. Dawe has also completed extra training in complex and constitutional homeopathy, facial acupuncture, as well as pediatric wellness.

Low-Intensity Laser Therapy

Applications beyond musculoskeletal conditions. A brief overview looking the mechanisms of how low-level laser therapy works followed by some of the new research and

applications from a neurological standpoint.


Scheduled Speaking Times:

Saturday, February 2 … 2:00 pm
Sunday, February 3 … 1:30 pm

Hungry For Change - The Movie
James Colquhoun & Laurentine ten Bosch

We here at Food Matters are committed to helping you help yourself. We believe that your body is worthy of good care and that no one is more suitably qualified to care for it than yourself. Think of us as your nutritional consultants and know that we are here with you on your journey to a healthier life.

Food Matters:
You Are What You Eat..

This is how Laurentine and I came up with Food Matters. If we couldn’t get my father to read about nutrition and natural health, we figured we could probably convince him to watch a film on the subject. We had researched many of the films that existed on the topic. Although many were good and some were excellent, we weren’t convinced that any of these films would win over my father. Let’s face it, the alternative health industry has a bit of a bad reputation. When most people picture a natural therapist, they envision a man or a woman in sweatpants or a dashiki spinning crystals in his or her backyard. They certainly don’t picture a doctor who can help them get better. And Roy was no different. We knew he needed to see natural health in a new light. So we decided to make a film that would restore the image of the wonderful men and women who, through their life-changing work, live up to Hippocrates’s famous saying, “Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food.”

Please enjoy this film presented here in full at the Wellness Expo as our guests. For more details you can go to and gain access to hundreds of videos thru our FMTV channel.

Show Time:
Saturday, February 2 … 11:00 am –1:00 pm
(One showing only). All in attendance at end of movie are entered to win a copy of Hungry for Change & Food Mattters)

Nick Martinuik
Nick Martinuik

With over 20 years of clinical experience in Saskatchewan, Nick blends the latest natural medicine through massage therapy, homeopathy, prescription orthotics, herbs and supplements. Nick is the founder, formulator and CEO of My Spray Therapeutics and is registered with the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada, Saskatchewan Association of Natural Medicine and the Canadian Health Food Association.

The Health Benefits of Medicinal Mushrooms!

In this seminar Nick will be discussing why medicinal mushrooms are quickly becoming of the biggest health trends in North America along with their history of many uses from around the world.  Nick will be covering some of the most popular mushrooms along with their many medical uses and how they can impact your health.


Scheduled Seminar Time:
Friday, Feb 1 … 7:00 pm
Saturday, Feb 2 … 1:00 pm
Sunday, Feb 3 … 2:00 pm

Tony Karim

Karim Tony

Born and raised in Morocco North Africa, Karim moved to Canada for post-secondary education at the St Boniface University. After graduating, he fell in love with the Canadian beauty and nature, he decided to stay for a few years, working for different organizations, until 2015 when he decided to reconnect with his roots again. He moved back to Morocco and started to explore the back country, away from the touristy spots, ending up in southern villages, and the Atlas Mountains.

The presentation will take you on the journey of starting a business related to health, nature, and fair trade making, and showing you how we give back to the less fortunate, while pursuing a dream of owning a business.

Turning back the Hands of Time! Some Moroccan Gives Back.

Some Moroccan Inc. focuses on sourcing true argania spinosa oil direct from fair-trade Women Cooperatives in the Souss region of Morocco. Our company based it’s mission statement on empowering the women of the region. Part of our mission is to help the children to pursue schooling in the rural areas of Morocco by donating 5% of all proceeds to a school in the Souss region and enabling children to have warm clothing that allows them to attend school. This presentation is our story.




Scheduled Speaking Times:
Friday, February 1 … 8:00 pm
Saturday, February 2 … 3:00 pm
Sunday, February 3 … 1:00 pm

A Plastic Ocean
A Plastic Ocean ( The Movie)

A PLASTIC OCEAN begins when journalist Craig Leeson, searching for the elusive blue whale, discovers plastic waste in what should be pristine ocean. In this adventure documentary, Craig teams up with free diver Tanya Streeter and an international team of scientists and researchers, and they travel to twenty locations around the world over the next four years to explore the fragile state of our oceans, uncover alarming truths about plastic pollution, and reveal working solutions that can be put into immediate effect.



Special Presentation Time:
Sunday, February 3 … 3:00 pm 

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