About Us …

In the beginning …

Founded in Winnipeg in 1994, the Health and Wellness Expo was designed to provide a specialized venue for companies, groups, and individuals promoting health and wellness products and services to share information. Our mission is to enhance the well-being of our consumers by offering a safe haven for collecting information, products, and services that promote wellness. Today, as Health and Wellness Expos of Canada, we host shows in multiple cities across Western Canada to bring answers to health and wellness issues to as many people as possible. As we expand our tour, we aim to build a team of wellness-oriented sales and production partners from across Western Canada, making us the most experienced and well-rounded wellness event team in Canada. Meet our team based in Winnipeg.

After 29 years in Manitoba, Health and Wellness Expos of Canada is proud to have been awarded The Best FULL Service Event Management Company in Manitoba. We couldn’t have achieved this without our wonderful family of exhibitors and show partners, and we are grateful for their support. This prestigious honor is a testament to our team’s hard work and dedication to providing exceptional event management services. We look forward to continuing to deliver high-quality events that promote health and wellness in Manitoba and beyond.

Thank You Canada.

Our Team

Rick Thiessen (Capt. Rick)

Partner / Production Manager

Rick’s journey in event management began in 1985, where he specialized in creating new consumer events in Winnipeg after 13 years in retail sales, sales management, and retail promotions. By the late ’80s, he had created a dozen new events and moved on to personal development programs with international greats like Wayne Dyer, Mark Victor Hansen, Tony Robbins, Richard Simmons, and many others. In 1994, Rick was invited to join the original creation team for the Wellness Expo and eventually took over as the show’s manager. With the help of his wife and business partner, he redesigned the show in 2000 to reflect the event we see today.

Over the past three decades, Rick’s travels and challenges have provided him with over 30 years of experience in special event management and personal development productions. His success credits include conferences, trade shows, consumer shows, various sports and musical events, plus dozens of corporate functions. Today, as the owner and production manager for the Health & Wellness Expos of Canada, Rick is proud to watch his baby grow into the touring company he envisioned 29 years ago.

Dolores Thiessen

Partner/ Administrative Director

In 2011, Dolores joined the Health and Wellness Expos of Canada family. After three short years, she became Rick’s wife and subsequently the Vice President for the company’s health and wellness division. Dolores brings with her a wealth of experience in bookkeeping, office management, and marketing. For most of her adult life, she served as an executive administrator for the school system in Winnipeg. However, she also has a bit of an entrepreneurial background, having owned her own graphic arts company with a weekly coffee news publication in South Eastern Manitoba.

With her exceptional computer skills as an operator and teacher, coupled with a flare for design and desktop publishing and a passion for detail, Dolores has been an invaluable addition to the company. Since joining the team, she has taken over almost all administrative decisions and still manages to handle some great design work. Dolores is now assisting in the creation and management of new shows as part of the Great Canadian Wellness Tour.

Dolores’s interpersonal skills are perfect for this type of industry, where the team is constantly communicating with hundreds of companies from every walk of life on a monthly basis. Her ability to connect with clients and partners is remarkable, and she is adored by everyone who talks to her, earning her the nickname “Dee.”

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