Winnipeg Wellness Expo

Canada’s Premiere Wellness Event

Come and celebrate our 29th annual
Winnipeg Health and Wellness Expo.

The Health and Wellness Expo is back at the RBC Convention Centre. The Winnipeg Wellness Expo has evolved to a much larger show which has allowed us to move upstairs to the third floor. We are working hard to keep it fresh, exciting and most of all informative. Make plans now to check out the new and improved Health and Wellness Expo in Winnipeg in February 2023.

The Health and Wellness Expos of Canada has been searching out and gathering companies with unique products and services, as well as practitioners who focus on education and motivating people to be PROACTIVE in their personal well-being.

Join us to learn about many of the new and even some ancient products and services, try out all the sample therapies and don’t forget to taste all the different healthy options for nutrition.


Event Information

Winnipeg Wellness Expo 2023


RBC Convention Centre
3rd Floor, Hall D
375 York St. Winnipeg, Manitoba

February 18 & 19, 2023

Saturday, February 18,  10 am – 6 pm
Sunday, February 19,  10 am – 5 pm

General Admission … $10.00 per day*
Children (14 and under accompanied by a parent) … N/C

All tickets available for sale at the door only!
(*Please note, all tickets purchased on site may be subject to agency fees and taxes)

Special Passes available at all participating vendors and Sponsors (see exhibitor list below)

ATM Machines available onsite

2023 Exhibitor List

Company Booth #
Academy Massage Therapy & Medical Aesthetics 87
Accurate Fire Safety Medical Division 60
Amanda Lynn Gluten Free 67
Angel Empowerment Wellness Centre 076 / 101
Arbonne International 12
Aurora Farm 37
Azra’s Kitchen 21
B&M Sales Canada 085 / 069
Balatibala Plant-Based Foods 30
Bayshore Home Health 10
blood2balance 42
Canada Purple Shield 9
Canadian Footwear 75
Candace Nicoll Fitness 15
Divine Clarity Inc. 66
doTERRA 111
Eastern Healing Center 108 / 109
Edward Jones 17
Enagic Kangen Water 26
Engage Your Health Now Inc. 56
Epicure 16
Erna’s Original Heating Pads 51
Falun Dafa Group of Winnipeg 48
Fitness on the Go 49
Fresh Start Mediation 7
Glen Eden Memorial Gardens 89
Gong Bath Meditations 32
Healy 4
HI TECH Laser and Skincare 35
IC Market Beauty 71
Infinity Nutrition and Health Coaching 40
Innotech Nutrition 086 / 091
Knead to Unwind Massage Therapy 70
LeafFilter Gutter Protection 54
LifeWave 36
Low Carb Mama Inc. 55
Manitoba Chicken Producers 14
Nomina Integrated Health Inc. 115
Norwex 20
Opulence Global 5
Orangetheory Fitness 82
Overeaters Anonymous Heart of Canada 44
Pearle Vision 59
PEMF Health Inc. 113 / 112
Podaima Performance 97
Popeye’s Supplements 96
Prairie Cricket Farms 38
Pranic Healing Association Manitoba 22
Prime Medical Services Inc. 88
Pruvit 102
PTSD Alliance of Manitoba 39
Pure Romance by Cheryl Crompton 58
Q Sciences 18
Rainbow Resource Centre 45
Rainbow Systems 119
Reflexology Association of Canada – MB Chapter 28
Regenerative & Sports Medicine 107
Seriously Oats 46
Sipology by Steeped Tea 83
Solex LLC 90
Spreads by Cede 80
Sunset Gourmet 19
Supplement King 110
Sweetpea Naturals 92
The FIX Bites 43
The Healthy Nut Ltd. 81
Tranont 23
Vasayo 29
VoxxLife 95
Waypoint Wellness and Performance Coaching 25
WellnessNews Choices for Healthy Living 8
Wheat Bags by T 13
White Cedar Teas 47
Winnipeg Animal Services Agency 3
Yoga with Alaina 24

Every paper ticket and every downloaded pass is an
entry form. You must attend and get your pass scanned
at the door to validate your entry.

Draw drum and prize details at

booth #8 

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The Winnipeg Wellness Expo is graciously sponsored by the following companies:


2023 Seminar Schedule

Click Here to download complete agenda to your phone

           Renzo Mariani

A lifelong fitness and health enthusiast, Renzo Mariani, has been involved in the natural health product space for 35 years. Beginning as a consumer in his teens, and carrying that passion throughout his professional career spanning over 25 years with two of Canada’s leading manufacturers of natural health products, Renzo has amassed a wealth of knowledge at all levels of the business.
This passion, and consumer first approach, is the heart of Younited Nutrition, a foundational wellness brand with meaningful and efficacious doses of well-researched ingredients, transcending the latest fads and trends.

Building your Nutrition Foundation for Energized, Healthy Living

Achieving and maintaining optimal wellness and energy levels is dependant on providing the body with the nutrients it requires, ideally from food. But, with our current food supply, combined with our busy, stressful lifestyles, our nutrient intake from food often falls short of our requirements. Please join Renzo Mariani, founder of Younited Nutrition with Purpose as he shares his strategies on how to support energy & vitality through real food and the right supplements, allowing us to level up and live at our best.

 Speaking Times:

Saturday, February 18 … 3:30 pm
Sunday, February 19 … 1:00 pm – Building your Nutrition Foundation for Energized, Healthy Living

         Gerry Desjardins


Gerry, aka ” The Medic” Desjardins.

Gerry the Medic Desjardins is a Firefighter/Medical First Responder , Medical Training Officer , Fire Life Safety Educator ,Fire Prevention Officer , Retired City Of Wpg 911 Ems Dispatcher and Medic .  His current off times are spent as offical medic and asmbulance supplier to Manitoba’s Movie industry.  HIs skills as a trainer provide whim with education and opportunity to teach both on a corporate leve but to individuals as well. Gerry is a regular contributor on CJOB Hal Anderson show , Global News , and A channel.


Two Speaking times / Two Topics

First aid in the home or office 

A medical emergency can happen any time , any place , anywhere . Learn how to react quickly to save a life . Gerry will instruct you on how to stop uncontrolled bleeding , how to help someone choking , learn to recognize someone having a heart attack , a stroke , and how to do cpr and use a aed ( automatic external defibrillator )

Make your home a safe place to live

Every thing in the Wellness Expo can provide you with options to live a long healthy life. How about your home wellness. Could your home kill you?  learn about Smoke detectors , carbon monoxide detectors , radon gas testing , fire extingushers , escape ladders , fire escape plans and more.  What do all these devices or products do, How to select the best, where to install them , how to use them properly to stay safe and healthy in your home.

Speaking Times:

Saturday, February 18 … 11:30 am – First aid in the Home and Office
Sunday, February 19 … 11:30 am – Make your Home a Safe Place to Live

 Cindy Smith / Tracey Banga

Cindy Smith is in an instructor/author/inspirational speaker/healer and has recorded over 40 Guided Meditations. Author of ‘Wings of Love Book and Journal’ and two Oracle Card Decks: ‘Inspire Change and Healing’ and ‘Relationship Inspiration’.

Tracey Banga is a Spiritual Medium, an Angel Empowerment Practitioner, and an Intuitive. She has been giving messages to clients from their Angel Team and Spirit since she went public in 2015. She specializes in Angel Card/Auric Spirit Readings using her Intuitiveness, Spiritual Mediumship and House Clearings.

1) How To Communicate with Your Angels and Use an Angel Oracle Deck for Self

Join Angel Empowerment Wellness Practitioners, Cindy Smith and Tracey Banga to learn about their Guardian Angel Team and how you can connect with yours easily. Do you know that you have guardian angels with you always? Perhaps you would like to learn more about how easy it is for YOU to communicate with your angels, Archangels and Auric Spirit. In addition, would you like to expand your awareness on how to use an Angel Oracle Deck for self as a positive communication tool. Cindy and Tracey will give Audience Readings using an Angel Oracle Deck to show you how easy they are to use. Join us and have some fun.

2) Embrace your Angel Team and Embrace yourself.

Connect with your own Inner wisdom, guidance & intuition.

Join Angel Empowerment Wellness Practitioners Cindy Smith and Tracey Banga teaching some tools on how to communicate with your Angels by using your Angel Oracle Cards with your senses; hearing, seeing, feeling and knowing, which you do intuitively. Join us to learn how easy it is to bring Angel communication to your conscious awareness.

Do you want to stop being tired; are you feeling stuck; do other people’s emotions linger with you? Join us and learn skills you can use every day to assist to help with your energy and clarity.

Cindy and Tracey will give Audience Readings using an Angel Oracle Deck to show you how easy they are to use. Join us and have some fun.

Speaking Times:

Saturday, February 18 …. 1:00 pm – How To Communicate with Your Angels
                                                                         and Use an Angel Oracle Deck for Self

Sunday, February 19… 2:15 pm  –  Embrace Your Angel Team and Embrace Yourself 
                                                                 Connect with your Inner Wisdom, Guidance & Intuition

          Alana Lyons

 Danielle Perera

Alana Lyons and Danielle Perera are both Study Coordinators at the St. Boniface Hospital Asper Clinical Research Institute working for Dr. Carla Taylor and Dr.Peter Zahradka.




Modern techniques to access artery health as well as discusion of eating recommendations to improve both artery health and fat loss.


Speaking Times:

Saturday, February 18 … 2:15 pm
Sunday, February 19 … 3:30 pm