Regina Wellness Expo

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Come and celebrate our 10th annual Regina Health and Wellness Expo.

The Health and Wellness Expo is back at the Conexus Arts Centre. The Regina Wellness Expo is excited to be able to secure space in the same venue for spring of 2024. We are working hard to create a  fresh, exciting and most of all informative event for you in February. Make plans now to check out the new and improved Health and Wellness Expo in Regina in February 2024.

The Health and Wellness Expos of Canada currently searching out and gathering companies with unique products and services, as well as practitioners who focus on education and motivating people to be PROACTIVE in their personal well-being.

Join us to see some seasoned venterans of our events PLUS learn about many of the new  traditional and some not so traditoinal products and services, try out all the sample therapies and don’t forget to taste all the different healthy options for nutrition.


Event Information

Regina Wellness Expo 2024


Conexus Arts Centre
Convention Hall
200A Lakeshore Dr
Regina, Sk

February 24/25,2024

Saturday, February 24,  10 am – 6 pm
Sunday, February 25,  10 am – 5 pm


General Admission tickets also available for cash sale at the door.
(Please note, all tickets purchased on site may be subject to agency fee and taxes)

General Admission … $10.00 per day
Children (14 and under accompanied by a parent) … N/C

ATM Machines available onsite

2023 Exhibitor List
Company Booth #
Angel Empowerment Wellness Centre 49 / 50
Azra’s Kitchen 27
Balance with Lyn (YLEO) 23
Camilot Introductions 54
Cutco Canada 5
doTERRA 51
Engage Your Health Now Inc. 57
Epicure 22
Globallee 58
HI TECH Laser and Skincare 60
IC Market Beauty 62
Iridescence=Fitness+Energy+Transformation 21
K2 Crosstraining Ltd. 2
Kustom Kool Refridgeration 59
Marena Wellness 12
Monat 24
Motion Cares 47 / 48
MS Hope 7
Natural Healing & Meditation with Krista Woodley 3
Naturally Amped 67
Neora 52
Norwex 1
Nucleogenex 63
Orangetheory Fitness Regina 65
Orchard Medical Spa 42
Plexus Worldwide 14
Practical Wellness 13
Prairie College of Massage Therapy 55
Prairie Cricket Farms 17
Pruvit 43
RCMP F DIV Proactive Recruiting 6
Reflexology Association of Canada – SK Chapter 53
Saskatchewan Lipedema Association 16
Supplement King 68
The FIX Bites 25
Total Orthotics 20
Tranont 4
VoxxLife 64
WellnessNews Choices for Healthy Living 44
Wheat Bags by T 26

Every paper ticket and every downloaded pass
is an entry form for these contest. One ticket is good for both entries.

You must attend and get your pass scanned at the door to validate your entry.
details and draw drum is available at

 booth #44 

Catch our Special Speaking guest, Mathew Embry live with Cody and Gloria on CKRM this Friday morning.

The Regina Wellness Expo is proud to welcome Play 92 and CKRM as our official radio sponsors fro 2023.

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2023 Seminar Schedule

CLICK HERE to download pdf copy of entire schedule

               Mathew Embry

Mathew Embry is the founder of MS Hope and an internationally known advocate for MS patients. Diagnosed with MS in 1995, he is symptom-free for 27 years thanks to science-based, drug-free strategies created by his father, Dr. Ashton Embry. The Embry’s inspiring story is featured in the award-winning documentary “Living Proof” which can be seen on Amazon Prime globally.

Hope and Empowerment in the Face of Multiple Sclerosis: A Journey to a Symptom-Free Life

Discover the Power of Drug-Free Strategies for Managing MS: A Hopeful Seminar with Mathew Embry” – Join Mathew Embry as he shares his inspiring journey of being symptom-free from MS for over 27 years. He attributes his success to science-based, drug-free strategies created by his father Dr. Ashton Embry. Mathew was diagnosed with MS in 1995, but with the help of these strategies, he has been able to manage his MS effectively. During the seminar, Mathew will also showcase clips from his award-winning documentary “Living Proof” and provide a free cookbook and materials to support your journey. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn about a unique and empowering approach to managing MS!

Speaking Times:

Saturday, February 25 … 2:30 pm
Sunday, February 26 … 1:00 pm

Cindy Smith


       Tracey Banga


Cindy Smith is in an instructor/author/inspirational speaker/healer and has recorded over 40 Guided Meditations. Author of ‘Wings of Love Book and Journal’ and two Oracle Card Decks: ‘Inspire Change and Healing’ and ‘Relationship Inspiration’.

Tracey Banga is a Spiritual Medium, an Angel Empowerment Practitioner, and an Intuitive. She has been giving messages to clients from their Angel Team and Spirit since she went public in 2015. She specializes in Angel Card/Auric Spirit Readings using her Intuitiveness, Spiritual Mediumship and House Clearings.

Together they represent part of the Angel Empowerment Team

1) How To Communicate with Your Angels and Use an Angel Oracle Deck for Self

Join Angel Empowerment Wellness Practitioners, Cindy Smith and Tracey Banga to learn about their Guardian Angel Team and how you can connect with yours easily. Do you know that you have guardian angels with you always? Perhaps you would like to learn more about how easy it is for YOU to communicate with your angels, Archangels and Auric Spirit. In addition, would you like to expand your awareness on how to use an Angel Oracle Deck for self as a positive communication tool. Cindy and Tracey will give Audience Readings using an Angel Oracle Deck to show you how easy they are to use. Join us and have some fun.

2) Embrace your Angel Team and Embrace yourself. Connect with your own Inner wisdom, guidance & intuition.

Join Angel Empowerment Wellness Practitioners Cindy Smith and Tracey Banga teaching some tools on how to communicate with your Angels by using your Angel Oracle Cards with your senses; hearing, seeing, feeling and knowing, which you do intuitively. Join us to learn how easy it is to bring Angel communication to your conscious awareness.

Do you want to stop being tired; are you feeling stuck; do other people’s emotions linger with you? Join us and learn skills you can use every day to assist to help with your energy and clarity.

Cindy and Tracey will give Audience Readings using an Angel Oracle Deck to show you how easy they are to use. Join us and have some fun.

Speaking Times:

Saturday, February 25 …. 1:00 pm – How To Communicate with Your Angels
                                                                         and Use an Angel Oracle Deck for Self

Sunday, February 26 … 2:15 pm  –  Embrace Your Angel Team and Embrace Yourself 
                                                                 Connect with your Inner Wisdom, Guidance & Intuition

Alan Hordal

Allan Hordal has been in the Nutrition industry for 4 decades. 24 years of that has been promoting Nano Silver since its Conception in 1998. Allan has been in the forefront of bringing the first ever Patented Silver to Canada.

Benefits of Canada Nano Silver

Nano Silver is the only Patented Silver in the history of Nutritional supplements in Canada. Patented In 2014 Nano silver has grown to 5 products both internal and external in Canada . Nano silver is used for Bacteria Viruses and molds in the body as well on the skin. Nano Silver is also anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial. It supports and builds the immune system and protects the cells.

Speaking Times

Saturday, February 25 … 4:00 pm – Benefits of Canada Nano Silver

Sunday, February 26 … 3:30 pm – Benefits of Canada Nano Silver

Holly Cochrane

Holly Cochrane started her career 25 years ago as a Social Worker with the Dept. of Social Services and then spent 10 years working as a School Counsellor with PVSD. After 18 yrs, she left the “workforce” to develop her lifestyle and family in a way that brought her joy.

Her new life training included coaching women from her running group to begin to incorporate weight lifting into their life.  She boldly became a certified coach and currently holds certifications as a Canfit Pro Trainer, CrossFit Level 2 Coach, YogaFit Instructor, and Fitness Kickboxing Trainer. owns a 100-client gym in rural Fort Qu’Appelle Sask.  She runs a private practice counselling business supporting clients to become stronger mentally, physically, and emotionally using mindset, movement and nutrition as the basis for overall wellness.

She committed to 3 more years of school, while continuing to run her businesses and she now has her Precision Nutrition Certification, Dr. Marc Method online nutrition coaching certification, and Functional Nutrition Counselling certification.

Presentation 1

Developing Healthy Balanced Hormones

As females and female athletes, we are always trying to find ways to feel better, look better, and have the energy to enjoy life.  Understanding how hormones play a role in our health gives us a huge advantage.  Conditions such as endometriosis, polycystic ovaries (PCOS), thyroid disorders, and diabetes are all diseases and conditions that can be supported by balanced healthy hormones.  The big question is:  how do we balance our hormones and keep them healthy when they are always changing?  This session will provide you with information about how your hormones can be negatively impacted and how to balance them as they fluctuate throughout the month.

Presentation 2

Building a Stronger Immune System

If you feel like you are run down lately and catching all the germs floating around, or you worry these “superbugs” are going to take you down if you catch them, this session is for you.  Our immune system is OURS, which means we have a lot to do with how effective it is.  If you want to feel like you have tons of energy to work & still be able to enjoy your life without feeling exhausted and sick, then come to learn how to build up that immune system of YOURS

Speaking Times

Saturday, February 25 … 11:30 am – Developing Healthy Balanced Hormones

Sunday, February 26 … 11:30 pm – Building a Stronger Immune System