Saskatoon Wellness Expo

Canada’s Premiere Wellness Event

Welcome to the 15th annual Saskatoon Wellness Expo, presented by Health and Wellness Expos of Canada!

As Canada’s premiere wellness event, we are proud to bring you the largest and most diverse group of manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and practitioners who specialize in all areas of wellness. From mental and physical health to spiritual and financial well-being, and even pet wellness and healthy home products, you’ll find it all under one roof.

Join us for an interactive and informative experience unlike any other in Canada. Attend seminars, try services, and sample products as you explore the many facets of wellness. We’re pulling out all the stops for our 29th anniversary in Canada, so don’t miss out on this fun and exciting event!

Event Information

Saskatoon Wellness Expo 2023


Saskatoon Prairieland Park
Hall C
503 Ruth St. Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

DATE: October 28 & 29, 2023

Saturday, October 28 … 10 am – 6 pm
Sunday, October 29  …   10 am – 5 pm


Tickets go on sale here Sept 30, 2023. Use link below:

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Special Passes
available at all participating vendors and sponsors (see exhibitor list below)

General Admission tickets also available for sale at the door.
(Please note, all tickets purchased on site may be subject to agency fee and taxes)

General Admission … $10.00 per day
Children (14 and under accompanied by a parent) … N/C

ATM Machines available onsite

Exhibitor List - New lists for 2023 will be updated in August.
Company Booth #
Aerus Air Purification Services 21
Aerus Water Filtration Services 7
Axiom Career College 49
Camelot Introductions 55
Canada Purple Shield 19
CaroQuilla Bamboo Essentials 38
Choice Nutrition Centres Inc. 65
Daily Living Personal Care 14
DAYCOME Pharmaceuticals Ltd 39
doTERRA 44
Engage Your Health Now Inc. 51
Epicure 13
Freedom Coaching & Breathwork 31
Hard Knox Talks 8
Healing Hearts Kambo 5
Health and Wellness Expos of Canada 1
Hillcrest Memorial Gardens 66
Home Instead Senior Care Saskatoon 23
Iridescence=Fitness+Energy+Transformation 29
JM Cream 28
Juice Plus 20
Keepsake Keto Candles & Chocolates 18
Lean on We 10
Manual Osteopathic College Of Canada 3
Marilyn Beatty Massage Therapy 37
Moms Stop The Harm 8
Naturally Amped 9
Neora 12
Norwex 48
Pruvit 15
Reflexology Association of Canada – SK Chapter 33
Saskatoon Dog Rescue 034/035
Sixteen Stones 16
Some Moroccan Inc. 11
Soul Era Developments 24
The FIX Bites 32
The Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy & Compounding Centre 67
Titanium Exclusive Cookware Inc. 59
Usana Health Sciences 26
Vangool Wellness 17
VoxxLife 60
Watkins 52
WellnessNews Choices for Healthy Living 2

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2022 Seminar Schedule

Your 2023 Presentation list will be updated this summer. Please bookmark to follow.

Seminar times for each speaker are posted below their profile
For a complete Event Schedule … CLICK HERE

Nicholle Povhe

Nicholle Povhe, CPA, CA is a Certified Health Coach and Founder of You & Your Health…First.

She works with career professionals who struggle with exhaustion, stress and gaining weight. I help them increase their energy, lose that weight and have more fun while doing it!

Nicholle loves DOING adventure…outside, in the water, on a mountain. And, she loves BEING peaceful…reading, running, playing the piano. Passionate about her own health journey, she is thankful for the lessons it has taught her…especially how she no longer has to choose to either be calm or get things done. She can have both…& more!!!

Health Habits for the Overworked, Overwhelmed and Just…Over it!

We will dig into easy ways to increase your energy, reduce the stress, lose that weight and have more fun – post covid! You will learn about why habits matter and why nourishment is about much more than what you eat! You will discover the biggest needle movers for your health including the four pillar system that I take my clients through to get lasting results! Learn easy ways to increase your energy now AND have fun doing it…see you there!

Sponsored by:

Saturday, Oct 29 – 3:00 pm
Sunday, Oct 30 … 10:30 am

Candace Burkhart

Candace Burkart is an Empowerment Coach and Speaker. She specializes in working with the subconscious mind to clear blocks, unhealthy habits, limiting beliefs and release repressed or stuck emotions and painful old stories that can hold them back and make them sick. 

How To Navigate Self Care Through Conflict

When we’re overwhelmed, tired, and emotionally spent, it’s easy for little things to grow into major issues, adding even more stress to our lives.

Together we’ll explore and implement tools to:

Understand conflict and why people can interpret external events differently, and how to move forward without taking conflicts personally or having them impact morale long-term.

How our physical environment is a direct reflection of what’s happening inside us, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Sponsored by:

Saturday, Oct 29 …4:00 pm
Sunday, Oct 30 … 12:30 pm

Daniel Hearn

Daniel Hearn spent 23 years living in addiction, and now with 5 1/2 half years in recovery he has used his lived experience to try and foster change for people who struggle with substance use.

Lived Experience is an Education … Second To None

Join Daniel as he shares his testimony of overcoming incredible odds as a person struggling with substance use disorder. 5 1/2 years ago Daniel was lost in Crystal Meth addiction right here in Saskatoon, digging in dumpsters to support his habit. Today he is a loving father, partner, entrepreneur, and creator of the fast growing live streaming talk show centered around substance use, Hard Knox Talks.

Supported by:

Saturday, Oct 29 … 12:45 pm
Sunday, Oct 30 … 3:15 pm

Darlene Neufeld

Darlene Neufeld has been teaching people about neuroscience for more than 5 years. An avid student, she has used the training from neuroscientists like Dr. Mark Debrincat and Dr. Joe Baldino to show others how wearable neurotech can improve quality of life without drugs.

Improve your Neurology, Improve Your Life

Darlene Neufeld will help you understand what neuroscience is and how it is slowly being accepted by mainstream medicine as an effective, holistic approach to improved wellness. Learn the importance of your brain and how it controls every action in your body. Learn simple, and affordable ways of optimizing your brain’s potential.

Sponsored by:

Saturday, Oct 29 … 11:30 am
Sunday, Oct 30 … 1:30 pm

Allan Hordal

Allan Hordal has been in the Nutrition industry for 4 decades. 24 years of that has been promoting Nano Silver since its Conception in 1998. Allan has been in the forefront of bringing the first ever Patented Silver to Canada.

Benefits of Canada Nano Silver

Nano Silver is the only Patented Silver in the history of Nutritional supplements in Canada. Patented In 2014 Nano silver has grown to 5 products both internal and external in Canada . Nano silver is used for Bacteria Viruses and molds in the body as well on the skin. Nano Silver is also anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial. It supports and builds the immune system and protects the cells.

Sponsored by:

Saturday, Oct 29 … 2:00 pm
Sunday, Oct.30 … 2:15 pm

Colleen Hala

Colleen Hala, I am a Reiki Master teacher & practitioner, Love Peace Harmony Ambassador, Advance Tao Hands practitioner, Kuan Yin Lineage Holder, Soul Healing Teacher and a Tao Calligraphy Field Messenger. I am here to serve and help others create a happier and healthier life. Are you ready to change your life?

Tao Calligraphy The New Revolutionary Healing Art For All Aspects Of Life

Master Sha, who with his life-long training and mastery of healing arts, developed this special Tao Calligraphy Oneness writing to bring the essence, frequency and vibration of Tao Oneness into each calligraphy. Tao Calligraphy is not only a beautiful sacred revolutionary art, but a powerful and cutting-edge healing tool. In order to create real, lasting change, you need to get to the root of what’s blocking you.
Surface changes only create surface results. If you want to truly transform your life in extraordinary, incredible, and even miraculous ways… you have to go directly to the root of the problem.
Come experience the power of the Tao Calligraphy revolutionary healing art.
If you want to know if a pear is sweet, taste the pear —Master Sha.

Sponsored by:

Saturday, Oct 29 … 5:00 pm
Sunday, Oct. 30 … 11:15 am