What Do I get If I Participate in the Wellness Expo?

Companies, Groups or Individuals who participate in one or all of our Health & Wellness Expos as an exhibitor can expect an exciting weekend of interactivity with thousands of very interested and motivated people looking for answers to today’s Personal Lifestyle issues. You will be provided with a suitable space for you to set up your business in the busiest Wellness Shopping Mall in Canada. The thing is, it will all happen in just 18 hours. With that in mind, it is best to make plans early and make them well, because, if You fail to plan … Well, You know what happens.

Below is a short list of all the different things we felt you need to know before joining the Wellness Expo.  Some you know but some you may not and asking on move in day is not always the best plan. People are busy and suppliers are not ready for extra services on the spot. This causes delay and frustrations for everyone. Plan to start your experience as well planned as you can and make this your best show of the year.


Conventional Trade Show History has dictated that all spaces are to be the same size. Usually 10 x 10 spaces or 100 Sq Ft.

The Health & Wellness Expo, in an effort to try and accommodate all companies needs no matter what their size or budget, offers a variety of booth size options to suit most companies budgets and specific needs.  All booth rental prices are based on a per sq foot basis. Many companies will move towards the average size booth ( 8 x 10) because of the suitability of the  space and more moderate budget. Some more fortunate and experienced exhibitors have a larger budget and need more space and usually secure a single or even double larger space ( 10 x 10 ) and can afford it. Then there are those, who through budgetary restrictions and a lesser need for a larger space will appreciate a smaller booth (8 x 8). No matter what your company needs are, you all receive the same features and amenities, just more or less space.  Booth sizes can range from (8′ x 8′) to (8 x 10) and (10′ x 10′) for a single space, or multiples of each if there is a need for extra footage.

All booth prices are based on the square footage of the space. Prices are all listed on the application form for each city. To go ahead to the applications pages, CLICK HERE .

And remember – All these booth choices come in an Inline version ( situated in the middle of a row with neighbours and both sides) or Corner version ( Situated at the end of a row with neighbours on only one side and open to two side or rows for higher exposure). So there are lost of choices, you need to act fast and early to get the booth you want.

BOOTH INCLUSIONSgreen backdrop

All booths are rented as space only. Consider renting a space in our show like renting a space in a mall. Ours is like a giant Health & Wellness Mall.

Like a store in a mall, the space is rented empty. The prices we quote are for a specific square footage of space surrounded by Curtains on 3 sides. The back wall is an 8 ft. high and extends the width of the booth. The 2 side wall curtains partitioning you from your neighbour are generally 3 ft high and extend the depth of your booth. The back wall will be suitable for hanging a light paper or vinyl banner. “S” hooks are available onsite for a small fee from our display company to hang banners. Exhibitors are invited to decorate the booth space with their own carpets and display fixtures or they can rent materials and displays from our contracted display company (each city has it’s own display supplier. We will share their information with you in an exhibitor hand book shortly after your registrations is received, confirmed and deposited.. Other optional amenities which can be available would include: electricity, carpets, internet, water and will also be identified in the fore mentioned Hand book.


One of the most unique programs in Canada today is The Wellness Expo VIP Marketing Program. Over 95% of all our attendance comes to us by way of the Complementary passes shared by exhibitors and sponsors. In 2000, the Wellness Expo started to make the distribution of “Complimentary VIP Passes available for all participating exhibitors and sponsors to distribute through their companies as a “value added” promotional tool. By using our VIP Passes as gifts for your clients, families  friends and business associates, you are in fact promoting your business and offering valuable benefits to them, PLUS you help drive the attendance of pre-qualified visitors to the expo. Did I mention over 95 percent of our visitors come to us from these passes, so making sure all our partners have and use these valuable passes is an important part of this promotional program.

Each participating exhibitor will be eligible for a minimum of $1,500.00  worth of passes to start. There are no limits to passes for those who are having success promoting their company with our tickets. upon sign up. We try to start mailing and delivering these tickets about 60 days prior to  the set event date.

If everyone participates, this can help us reach not only a record size crowd, but pre-qualified visitors who are interested in proactive health options. For years these VIP Passes have been issued as paper only tickets for face to face distribution. In 2016, we have added the ability to access our unique online VIP Promo Code program that now allows each exhibiting partner the ability to reach out to a larger audience and to be able to share passes via social media, emails and websites.  Clients can register online and print their tickets at home or show up and have the passes on their phone.  Now there is no limit to how many people you can touch with your promotions, and they may not yet be your client but will certainly have a better chance to know about you if they come see you in the expo.

You Have A Say In The Outcome of each event..

Only the Health & Wellness Expo can guarantee you will it will put thousands of people in front of your display in only 18 hours. How can we guarantee this you ask? Well it’s because the Health & Wellness Expos of Canada are the only events company that allows the exhibitor to be involved in the marketing, production and success of the expo. The more tickets we give away, the more people show up! We have been able to pre determine with a high level of accuracy what each our expected final attendance should be. Not only do we get more people than other health shows, we can tell you exactly how each person got their ticket, We can determine which exhibitor or sponsor gave them a ticket and exactly how may new unique passes come thru the door each day.

The Wellness Expo has been designed with the exhibitors needs in mind as well as our consumers. Our goal is to keep the public informed of what is happening in their community. What are the newest, most talked about products and services, and “what can they do for me”. The Wellness Expo is the number one source for interactive personal wellness information in Western Canada.

Our exhibit spaces are sought after by companies from across Canada and the USA. If you would like to participate in one of this year’s upcoming shows, start by checking out what it is you get for your money in the next section, then fill out an online application form and submit it today. Once you have made the commitment, you will be made aware of all the valuable tools we have created and supply to make your consumer show experience a valuable and rewarding one.

Take the next step towards your future successes.